Hybrid Hub

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Studio West has invested heavily in developing a blended learning approach to support students through this Covid 19 crisis. We want students to have a rich and varied experience and be supported in their learning but at the same time, develop independent learning skills. 


We use Microsoft 365 and Teams to set assignments, mark work and provide feedback, and deliver live lessons and post video clips to support learning. 


Students will be able to work independently, email their teachers for help, access video clips and take part in live sessions, every day. IT help is available, and problems will be addressed quickly and efficiently. All students will be provided with a suitable device, should they need it and dependent on availability. It is our aim that no student be left without the capability to learn and we will do everything in our power to ensure that this does not happen.


Students should use Remote Learning during periods of Lockdown, when self-isolating and to develop independent learning skills when they are back in school full-time.


Parents / Guardians & Carers

To support your child, we ask that you provide a quiet space for remote learning to take place. Please encourage a working four-hour day, minimum. (Year 10 should do more than four hours as their exams will take place in 2022.) This should include live lessons and independent learning. Regular breaks are recommended. 


Please ask your child about their work, how they are doing and ask them to show you what they have achieved. You will receive a weekly timetable showing scheduled lessons and assignments and tasks to help you.


If you have any queries, please bring this up when your staff contact calls. You will receive feedback from school about progress regularly.


Parents / Guardians / Carers and students


You are advised to watch the following video which explains how to access Studio West’s Learning Hub: 

Students Guide to Microsoft Teams - Introducing your new Virtual Classroom


Students have been provided with their log in details. Please get in touch with your staff contact if you need assistance with this. The following videos will help you further:


Students Guide to Microsoft Teams - Installing Teams on your Device at Home

Students Guide to Microsoft Teams - Attending Live Lessons in Microsoft Teams Meetings










Students Guide to Microsoft Teams - Completing Assignments (Homework/remote learning tasks) in Team














How to Log In to Microsoft Teams


Please use the following link to access Teams. 




Then all you have to do is Sign In. 


Students have been provided with their log in details. Please get in touch with your staff contact if you need assistance with this.