GCSE Art & Design

“Students who perform well in this subject and the rest of their studies will be in a position to continue to study an Art subject in Sixth Form.”



Awarding Body


Course Specification

Who to contact for more information about this course


Queries should be directed to Mrs Wigham


Years taught


Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11


About this course


Candidate portfolio of work undertaken during course of study. The portfolio of work will contain a range of two dimensional and three dimensional work, using art, craft and design materials and processes. These include, drawing, painting, mixed media, pottery, sculpture, printing, textiles/fabric, computer work.


The pupils will also use sketchpads to generate ideas, designs and images in support of their projects.


The pupils portfolio of work, in total will include, projects and collections of work. The pupils need to show that they have covered all four of the Assessment Objectives (AO). A project is a way of working through an artistic journey, taking an idea or theme from a starting point to a final outcome.


There must be evidence that pupils can develop ideas through research and investigations, select and experiment with appropriate resources, materials, processes and techniques. The pupils must also show evidence of recording ideas and observations, through drawing, taking photographs, making notes, creating maquettes and, models and producing design sheets to support their final outcome.


The Portfolio projects:


  • Project 1: Logo Design – Marriott Group

  • Project 2: Othello or Macbeth

  • Project 3: NHS Recruitment Posters

  • Project 4: Frankenstein or Animal Farm


During each of the projects the pupils will use a variety of two dimensional and three dimensional media and techniques. They will work on a variety of scales and produce ideas and designs in sketchpads.


Assessment objectives


Pupils must show they have covered the assessment objects below:


  • AO1: Develop their ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding.

  • AO2: Refine their ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.

  • AO3: Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to their intentions in visual and/or other forms.

  • AO4: Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions and where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.


How this course is assessed


Unit 1: Portfolio of Work – 60%

Unit 2: Externally Set Task – 40%

Question paper set by AQA examination board containing a number of questions. The pupils choose one question. They then have a preparatory period to produce ideas, designs, sketches, research work to prepare themselves for a 10 hour Art examination.