GCSE English Language

“Internationally benchmarked standards, encouraging deep learning and measuring higher-order skills.”



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Who to contact for more information about this course


Queries should be directed to Ms Huntley or Mrs Wigham


Years taught


Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11


About this course

We have chosen to study for the Edexcel GCSE English Language and Literature as these qualifications are:


  • demanding, through internationally benchmarked standards, encouraging deep learning and measuring higher-order skills

  • rigorous, through setting and maintaining standards over time, developing reliable and valid assessment tasks and processes, and generating confidence in end users of the knowledge, skills and competencies of certified students

  • inclusive, through conceptualising learning as continuous, recognising that students develop at different rates and have different learning needs, and focusing on progression

  • empowering, through promoting the development of transferable skills

Through English lessons, alongside the set texts, we are able to connect the learning with anything of interest to the students which so far this year has seen us improving our creative writing skills through studying 'The Truman Show', analysing song lyrics alongside analysing poetry from the GCSE anthology and discussing world-wide news through our study of GCSE texts including Orwell's 'Animal Farm' and Shelley's 'Frankenstein'.


As English specialists with a keen interest in pedagogy, the department are keen to look at the best practice in teaching and learning which has seen us learning through project based learning, educational visits and using our creativity to understand the deeper meaning of the texts studied.


Year 12 GCSE English resit


Our current year 11 will be the last year to follow the Cambridge iGCSE English qualification.


Pupils in sets 1 and 2 study both English Literature and Language. Literature is a demanding yet thoroughly enjoyable course and it allows pupils to read a range of texts from 'Felicia's Journey' – a modern day text – to Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.


The iGCSE pathway has a spoken element and allows our most vocal pupils to discuss a topic of their choice.