GCSE Spanish

“By studying GCSE Spanish you become a self-reliant and adaptable person who can write and think under pressure, meet deadlines and communicate and work creatively with others. Such people are very valued by employers in many sectors of the employment market.”



Awarding Body


Course Specification

Who to contact for more information about this course


Queries should be directed to Ms Herreros


Years taught

Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11

About this course

In GCSE Spanish you will be develop your Spanish language skills in a variety of contexts and gain a broad understanding of the culture of the countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

The course encourages enjoyment of language learning and the recognition that language skills enable students to take their place in a multi-lingual, global society.

The course is split into unit that cover speaking, listening, reading and writing.

All four units are put into context by studying subjects of Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment and Work and Education both at home and in the cultures and communities where Spanish is spoken.

How this course is assessed

Controlled assessments account for 60% of the course (Speaking and Writing). 

The remaining 40% of the course marks come from exams covering Listening and Reading (20% each).