Learning & Wellbeing Timetable

Structuring the day for your child is really important and, where possible, we would like you to create a day full of different activities.  We understand the pressures of family life, other demands and availability of devices etc.

The timetable we have published should help you implement a schedule for Learning and Wellbeing.  Having a routine and time to work to will help enormously.

Live lessons are set and those should be top priority.  Other lessons, work, assignments and tasks can be selected at any time to suit you.  It is important that a good selection is chosen and that no subject is missed out.

Please divide the day so that all subjects get time and attention.

Click on the relevant link below for your year group then simply go into a subject cell and click on it.  You will then be taken directly to the appropriate site / folder / activity.

If you need any further guidance please do not hesitate to get in touch through your staff link.

Happy learning.

Website for GCSE subjects and other websites which may be of interest.

GCSE Bitesize for all subjects

The British Library – for all you History fans

The Natural History Museum

The modern Art Museum. IMMA.IE

Year 7 Learning and Wellbeing Schedule

Year 8 Learning and Wellbeing Schedule

Year 9 Learning and Wellbeing Schedule

Year 10 Learning and Wellbeing Schedule