Welcome to Studio West

A Message from our Principal

Principal Wigham sitting at h

I feel privileged to be leading such a forward-thinking and innovative school and I hope that you will be as excited as I am about the opportunities we offer.


Our pioneering vision is to revolutionise the way we teach our young people and ensure they are properly prepared for work in a way which will enable them to smoothly transfer from the classroom to the workplace at whatever level they decide to enter employment.

Studio West is a vibrant place to learn and is at the heart of the community. We are forward looking and have a unique 21st Century curriculum which is creative, scientific, technological, enterprising and occupational; connecting the learning to the world beyond the classroom.

“From our research we know there are no other schools in our locality that offer such a modern and holistic approach to education" 


At Studio West we offer a distinctive small school environment where every student is listened to, encouraged and challenged to be the best they can be. We provide the very highest quality of secondary education in an inspirational learning environment and know every child.

Our inclusive and nurturing community, coupled with our amazing learning environment, allows every student to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to reach and go beyond their potential. At Studio West, we believe that young people flourish when they are treated like adults and when offered a personalised approach, which identifies and supports their individual development needs.


We operate Studio West along the lines of a caring, extended ‘family’. Learning Coaches, Personal Coaches and students get to know each other well, to feel an important part of the whole school and consequently develop a much stronger sense of personal and communal responsibility.


To be successful and competitive in our ever-changing global world a young person needs to be highly skilled, confident, resilient and compassionate. We provide an outstanding, rich learning environment and nurture our students to grow and develop the strengths and skills they need to succeed; regardless of background or prior attainment.


For parents, our ‘whole student’ approach and our commitment to communicating with you and involving you in your child’s learning will mean that you will feel confident in working with us.

I know that choosing a school can be one of the toughest decisions to make, which is why I am committed to meeting with any student or parent who wants to find out more and explore their future at our Studio School. The staff and I here at Studio West look forward to meeting you.

V Wigham, Principal

Our Vision & Ethos

To deliver an innovative learning experience which equips young people with the business and enterprise skills for the challenges of the 21st century

Students of all abilities are able to thrive in this exciting new learning environment, which nurtures in them aspiration and high expectation. Our students are equipped with the necessary academic and employment skills to ensure they have the ability to adapt, problem solve, and sustain resilience in a fast-changing world. Students move on from Studio West with an ability to help shape and contribute to their own modern era as confident, able and well-rounded individuals.

The mission of Studio West is to inspire our students with a love for learning that connects:

  • Connecting their lives now with their ambitions for the future

  • Connecting school with the workplace, the community, the family and their private lives

  • Connecting what they read, see and hear with what they do and how they feel

  • Connecting each area of learning with every other

  • Connecting the drive for personal success with the drive to help others

In order for young men and women to thrive in a modern world, they need multi-faceted and adaptable skills that connect with both the current and future requirements of a variety of employment sectors. Studio West champions a fluid approach, deliberately not focusing on a specialism, and remains responsive to the changing demands of the business world.

Students are provided with an employer-led curriculum, the platform to attain a top quality education and acquire the behaviours and confidence needed to be effective in the commercial world, including a 'can do, will do' team-working and leadership attitude.

Skills gaps are addressed by offering students accredited qualifications and transferable skills to meet different sector needs for professional and specialist technical employment. Students have the opportunity to learn through a combination of academic core subjects supported by occupational pathways in an exclusive environment where business leaders and students work side by side. Students also have the opportunity to apply what they learn in their academic and occupational studies to real business contexts. High quality teaching equips students with the required skills that help them to achieve high academic success and meet the needs of employers.

We develop learners and prospective employees and employers who:

  • Make outstanding progress in the core subjects of English, mathematics, science and computer science

  • Attain high standards in all areas of the curriculum but particularly in the ability to speak and present, read and write, and apply mathematical and other skills in the work place, including the use of the most up-to-date technologies

  • Are keen to learn and have developed the skills to be able to do so independently

  • Are confident and enjoy learning and life at the school

  • Are supported and encouraged in their learning by their families and peers

  • Are respectful of each other, of adults and demonstrate that they care for their environment

  • Want to make an active contribution to their community

  • Enjoy participating in opportunities that are offered within and outside school

  • Develop high aspirations for themselves

  • Embrace values which enhance their capacity as lifelong learners and which galvanise their relationships and their future lives as parents/carers, workers and citizens

This is achieved through:

  • A rich, relevant, personalised and activity-led academic and work-based curriculum

  • A programme of enrichment activity to expand the experience of the students beyond 'school' work and into the community and employment

  • Rigorous and regular assessment of pupil progress and individual need

  • Regular consultation with learners and their parents/carers about their progress

  • A clear accountability framework for the effective management of performance, ethos and values

  • Involving learners in all aspects of school life and by giving them a voice in the school's ongoing development

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles, sustainability and care for the environment