Performance & Results


Details of our performance can be found on the Department for Education website.

Our 2018 Key Stage 4 results

Basics 9 -4 and 9 -5 in English and Maths

Attainment 8/Progress 8 Summary

Attainment 8/Progress 8 Maths

Attainment 8/Progress 8 English

Attainment 8/Progress 8 EBacc

Attainment 8/Progress 8 Open

KS4 Results

Students achieving 5 standard passes including English and Maths = 18 (54.5%)

EBacc Total Measure

Students entered for the EBacc = 1 (3%)

Students in COHORT achieving the EBacc (Strong Pass) = 1 (3%)

Our 2018 Key Stage 5 results

Levels of Progress


Levels of Progress are a key indicator of the progress being made by our students and, along with other information, are used to help all our students attain the highest standards they can.

Comprehensive analysis of our Levels of Progress (PDF)

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